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Scampi Nº1

The Scampi is one of the most appreciated shellfish in Spain today because of its delicate and sweet flesh. It can only survive a short time outside of the water and is therefore hard to find alive. It is best prepared cooked, roasted or charcoal-grilled.


10-12 pieces/kg

Cooked Crawfish:

If the Scampi is alive, place it in cold, salted water and heat it up until the water boils. For our crawfish, which weighs between 70 -100g, we recommend a cooking time of 2-3 minutes counting from the moment the water starts boiling.

If the Scampi is already dead, place it in boiling, salted water for 2-3 minutes.

When it is cooked, take it out and cool it in cold water with some added ice.

The amount of salt should be 70g / liter and the Scampi should be covered by it.


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Binomial Name:

Nephrops Norvegicus

Other names:

Dublin Bay Prawn, Norway Lobster, Langoustine


Nº 1

Packaging Format:

Expanded Polystyrene Box

Place of Origin:


Production Method:


Consume within:

4-5 days stored at <5ºC

Nutrition Facts (in 100 grams):

Sugars 0 gr.
Protein 15 gr.
Total Fat  0,7 gr.
Saturated Fat 0,14 gr.
Monounsaturated Fat 0,15 gr.
Polyunsaturated Fat 0,25 gr.
Iron 2,7 mg.
Calcium 27,5 mg.
Magnesium 24,5 mg.
Potassium 524 mg.
Sodium 400 mg
Phosphorus 250 mg.
Zinc 2,2 mg.
Iodine 30 mcg.
Vitamin A 0,05 mcg.
B1 0,08 mg.
B2 0,05 mg.
B3 1,30 mg.
B6 0,10 mg.
B12 1 mcg.
Vitamin E 1,5 mg.

More details:

With its prolonged body and large, thorny pincers, the Scampi has a bright orange shell and white spots.

When it hatches it is of green color and gradually turns red, reaching maturity within two years.

Among all crustaceans, the Scampi provides the most protein.

Información adicional
Weight 1 kg