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Sailor’s Clam

Sailor’s Clam, abundant and widely appreciated. It is the more economic alternative to our Clam Superior and goes perfectly

Our Sailor´s Clam, like all of our mollusks, is depurated from sand and mud at our own company facilities.


Extra Large > 30-35 units/kg.

Large > 30-35 units/kg.

Medium: 10-12 pieces/kg.

Small > 85-90 units/kg.

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Binomial Name:

Ruditapes Philippinarum

Other names:

Packaging Format:

Wooden Box

Place of Origin:


Production Method:


Consume within:

3 days stored at 5ªC

Nutrition Facts (in 100 grams):

Clams are a highly nutritious seafood. They are low in calories and at the bottom end of fat levels amongst all shellfish with approx. 0.5% – 2% fats and 48 calories per 100 grams.

As a source of iron (Fe), clams help prevent anemia especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Clams contain omega 3 – fatty acids that help lower cholesterol levels (LDL) and therefore prevent deseases related to the heart, like arteriosclerosis or myocardial infarction (heart attack).

The amount of calcium and iodine (?) in clams is beneficial for maintaining a healthy bone structure and they are therefore a highly recommended addition to a diet during menopause, when bone density tends to diminish.

Our clams are an ecological product from sustainable farming and fishing grounds. And since they are low-calorie seafood that primarily consists of protein, they represent a worthy ally to all, who want to lose weight (and maintain a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet?).

Calories 48 Kcal.
Total Carbohydrate 1,5 g.
Sugars 0 g.
Protein 10,7 g.
Total Fat  1,5 g.
Saturated Fat 0,05 g.
Monounsaturated Fat 0,03 g.
Polyunsaturated Fat 0,12 g.
Iron 24 mg
Calcium 128 mg.
Magnesium 51 mg.
Potassium 314 mg.
Sodium 56 mg.
Phosphorus 204 mg.
Zinc 1,3 mg.
Iodine 160 mg.
Vitamin A 90 ug.
B1 0,04 mg.
B2 0,14 mg.
B3 4,1 mg.
B6 0,14 mg.
B12 Trazas
Vitamin E 0,40 mg.



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Almeja Marinera

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small