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Smooth Clam

The Concha Fina de Málaga, also called Smooth Callista or Brown Venus, is widely reknowned and appreciated for its excellent salty flavor when served fresh/crude/raw.

Our Concha Fina de Málaga, like the rest of our mollusks, is delivered after being depurated at our own facilities from any sand and mud.

When having Concha Fina, we strongly recommend you to always reassure yourself whether they are depurated. MARISCOS ESCOBEDO depurates and guarantees each of our products’ quality standard.


Large: 8-9 pieces/kg,

Medium: 10-12 pieces/kg,

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Binomial Name:

Callista Chione

Other names:

Almejón de sangre, Smooth Callista, Brown Venus, Vermi, Large > 30-35 units/kg Palourde, vernis fauve, Txirla arregorriska, Ameixón, Petxinot desang, Ameijola.

Packaging Format:


Place of Origin:

Northeast Atlantic.

Production Method:


Consume within:

4 days stored at 5ªC

The Smooth Clam can be found in depths of up to 100 meters in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast. The color of its shell spans from reddish to brown and its size can vary from 10 to 12 cm in diameter, which makes it larger than other mollusks, like the Wedge Clam (coquinas) or the Baby Clam (chirlas). Its body is fleshy and of red and white color, a firm texture and an intense flavor of the sea.

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